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Eparé Clear Ice System

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A clear ice cube making system featuring smart design and a durable build. Directional freezing forces air and impurities to the insulated tray bottom and out of the ice cubes. Enjoy big beautiful 2 inch-square clear ice blocks in your favorite cocktails, whiskies and more. Pure ice, clear and elegant. Numerous design features added for consumer convenience and product durability. The compact size of the system makes a small footprint in the freezer, and room for additional units if desired.

  • Directional freezing pushes air and impurities down into the base of the system so the remaining ice is clear and pristine.
  • It's compact size means it won't take up a lot of real estate in your freezer.
  • Feet are built into the bottom of the base so the trays won't get stuck on floor of freezer.
  • The upper tray is designed with flexible materials, pop-out buttons are built in beneath the cubes for easy ejection.
  • You will receive one (1) Eparé Clear Ice Maker measuring 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches. Weight: 27 ounces.

UPC: 854767005613

    Few stocks left

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 110 reviews
    Kevin B.

    Almost too big for most vessels. Doesn't fit my favorite insulated vessel for bourbon.

    Dominic h.
    Pretty Legit

    Definitely the most compact best clear ice maker I’ve bought for the price. Some what difficult to remove the ice. The ice is about 90% clear. Perfect fit for my whiskey glass.

    Pádraic Brady
    Compact clear ice maker for those without the room (or time) to use the cooler & cut method

    My experience thus far is that the system will make 3 near perfect clear ice cubes, and 1 over expanded cloudy ice cube. Those 3 usable cubes will have slight marring at the bottom where the drain holes probably interfere with a clean flow of trapped air bubbles. For most users, this is a great experience, and the system is really compact so minor flaws are just fine with me. I've churned out 12 cubes in a couple of days which suits my needs fine. All left over ice (bottom reservoir and over-expanded cube) has lots of clear areas that can be chipped into chunky mixing ice.The downside side is the over-expansion of that one compartment, which if it happens regularly, cuts the ice yield but again - perfectly usable for mixing instead of cloudy small cubes. I think this happens because with multiple compartments, ice expansion during freezing needs an escape route, and the least frozen compartment gets the overflow, rather than being spread across the entire surface area.Removal requires a 4-5 minute soak of the inner white container in warm (not boiling) water from the tap. Easily removed thereafter, and bagged for later.All in all, if you need a compact system with a reasonable yield, this is perfect. If you need absolute perfection and greater yield, you're going to need a cooler, more space in the freezer, and an idea of how to cut ice to size.

    Not a fan of this design

    While the ice is easy to remove and the waste easy to get out of the bottom of the unit, it is difficult to move the unit after it has been filled since there is no top. Also, no matter what I try I can not get clear ice blocks. There is always impurities frozen into the bottom of the blocks. I have a round clear ice maker and it makes beautiful ice but is hard to clean out. I guess you have to work harder for a better ice.

    Mike M.
    Very clear, Big Ice Cubes!

    I tried to make the big clear ice cubes like you see in expensive bars, but could not do it. Then my wife got me this mold. Even with just tap water, it works great and produces very clear cubes. You need to follow the instructions and let it set for a full 24 hours, but then you get great ice cubes.