We are a specialty manufacturer of kitchen accessories and lifestyle goods with a focus on functional design. Our company vision is to create quality products that offer its users enjoyment through multiple facets. We deliver versatile products at affordable price points coupled with a lifetime warranty, aesthetic packaging, and social engagement.

Our business was started in 2012 with only a name and an idea. In the past three years we have worked restlessly to source and develop products to establish our brand focus. In the coming years our goal is to achieve exponential growth through expansion of our lifestyle line. 

The Name

Eparé is a word without a traditional definition, but a lot of meaning to our brand values. Our original focus was to provide products that make the preparation of any food or drink easier and more enjoyable. Eparé was born from the combination of two words and aesthetic brand principles: preparation, easy, and european (accent). We have since expanded on these values to focus on enjoyment of preparation and the lifestyle setting.  

How It Started


The Founder, Eugene Khayman, displayed a knack for entrepreneurship at a young age. He began buying and selling online at age 14, everything from sneakers to video games. When he wasn’t packing items for shipment, he challenged himself in the kitchen, often making his favorite cuisine, sushi.

During his third year of college he decided to combine these two hobbies and begin selling kitchen accessories. His mother entrusted him with a small loan and he planned to find popular products that could be easily improved upon and manufacture them.

August 2012 - The First Product

The first product to bear the Eparé name was a Non Stick Baking Mat. The improvement was printing a ruler and guidelines on the Mat to help beginners gauge the expansion of their baked goods in the oven and including a small cookbook. After searching online Eugene found a factory in China to take on the project and the first 1000 units were ordered. The product was listed for sale on Amazon.com and shipped out of his garage.

October 2012 - A Natural Disaster

Later that year Eparé had an upsetting setback. New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy. Along with the loss of many homes, cars, and businesses was all of the remaining inventory of Eparé Non Stick Backing Mats.

December 2012 - Rebirth

Eugene took this as a sign that maybe it was just the wrong product. He sold his car and used to proceeds to fund the production of a different product that he discovered while eating at a restaurant, the Spring Mill Set. The intriguing decide was a hit for the holiday season and set a standard for all future Eparé products.

April 2013 - Solidifying Relationships

After several months of working blindly with factories it was time to venture overseas to find a reliable supplier. Eugene took a semester off from college and visited China for one of the largest sourcing shows in the world, The Canton Fair. There Eparé was able to make reliable connections with factories that we continue to use today.

December 2013 - Proof of Concept

Eparé went into the holiday season with 10 unique products establishing its lines of Spice, Lifestyle, and Glassware. The success of the holiday season proved that Eparé was one step closer to becoming a recognizable brand.

August 2014 - The First Show

Eparé decided to exhibit at its first tradeshow, NYNOW, and pitch its products to brick & mortar retailers. A lot was learned and Eugene was able to open accounts with major retailers such as Kitson and dozens of local NYC specialty stores.

March 2016 - Growth

After many successful trade shows and growing online retail sales Eparé has built from a dream in a garage to a unified brand. Now designing its own products such as the Pocket Wine Aerator recently featured on the Today Show.