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Eparé Nesting Egg Topper Set

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A complete, elegantly designed and precision-calibrated egg topper set made with top quality stainless steel (excluding non-slip ABS plastic topper grip and silicone cup inserts). It's classic Eparé. Form, function and style are matched with premium quality and durability. Simply lifting and releasing the non-slip grip activates the sharp vibrating cutter, perfectly topping the eggshell. Enjoy a European-style soft-boiled egg breakfast with this beautiful and simple to use egg topper set.

  • Everything you'll need to make delicious soft-boiled egg breakfast: topper, cups, and spoons. Made primarily of top quality stainless steel.
  • The precision-calibrated topper mechanism uses a sharp vibrating blade to make a consistently clean cut around the top of the egg. Simple to use.
  • The egg cups feature a durable silicone insert with ridges that support all egg sizes and keep eggs warm longer. Remove to use the cups as dip bowls!
  • Expect Eparé to think of the little things. The topper and bowl nest together so they stay organized and use little storage space. Take them with you!
  • You'll receive one (1) Egg Topper measuring 5.5 inches tall, two (2) spoons measuring 5.25 inches long and two (2) cups measuring 1.75 inches in diameter. 

UPC: 854767005538

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 182 reviews
    Veronica T

    Once you master the knack of using the cutter, the result is excellent, nice clean cut on egg. The spoons are too big in my opinion, and I have given 4* for the specks of rust on the underside of one of the egg cups

    Linda K G
    Great Product for Soft Boiled Egg Fans

    My wife introduced me to this product and I don’t know how I got by without them. They are very cost-effective, very easy to use, and clean up is a snap. Highly recommend this product

    Door County Phil
    Cool design! Cleanly lifts the top of the egg off every time!

    Bought this as a gift for my husband, who is constantly picking eggshells from his soft-boiled eggs. In addition to being impressed by the sophisticated design, we were both shocked at how cleanly this simple gadget pops the top off of any egg. Simply hold the topper on top of the egg and “snap” the handle twice. The top lifts off cleanly almost every single time!

    All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't Humpty together again (Eparé Egg Cracker)

    Eparé - Great Egg Cracker set. I have used the spiked egg scissors, they don't work, knives, spoons, springs, an egg guillotine. This works best. Also there is a gratifying feeling to snapping back that lever and letting it loose to crack the egg's crown. The crown separates off perfectly, like an actual guillotine would do.It's like pulling the lever on an old pinball machine. It's simple and no mess or stress. Depending on the eggshell it can take 2 or 3 pulls. I have the deluxe set. All the eggs I have access to fit, except for the ostrich eggs. The silicone cup is a nice buffer for the eggs snap and not crack on the bottom from the pressure on top. Never had an issue where the egg explodes! Spoons are a nice addition. Very sophisticated package. And the Eparé customer service is super good, responsive and supportive. Great gift or for yourself.

    works as advertised!

    works beautifully, well made and easy to clean!