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Did you know that when we surveyed customers we found that the corkscrew is the first product that people think of when you said the work kitchen accessory? That’s why we wanted to develop a corkscrew that was a bit different. This is not just a corkscrew, it’s a wine tool!

First the components:

  1. The Body. This piece has two flexible legs and some steps on it so that it can sit on the bottle. To use it properly you should actually pop the top portion out and then use the body first. It also has a built-in foil cutter
  2. The Screw. The coolest thing here is the ratchet switch. Switch it down if you are removing a cork from a bottom or switch it up if you want to remove the cork from the screw. It works just like a torch wrench to make it easier to use.
  3. The Stopper. Pop this piece out of the screw and into the wine bottle if you have some left over for the next day. It will help keep out bugs and extend the shelf life a bit
  4. The Pourer. Pop this piece out of the screw and into the bottle after you remove the cork. This will make it easier to pour without any drips ending up running down the end of your bottle and onto the counter.

 How to use it:

  1. Pop out the screw. Yes, this piece is meant to separate from the body of this device.
  2. Use the body to remove the foil from your wine bottle. Remember that the foil should be cut below the first rim of the bottle not above, that’s why the bodies legs are flexible.
  3. Place the body onto the top of the bottle, the steps on the inside should position it properly.
  4. Take your screw and switch the ratchet switch down, bring it through the hole on the top of the wine tool body and get it into the center of the cork.
  5. Now start screwing it down, remember you do not need to make fill turns as you can use the ratchet mechanism, the screw will get deeper into the cork and then start pulling it out as soon as it hits the top of the wine tools body, you won’t need to pull it out.
  6. Switch the ratchet switch up and turn the opposite direction to remove the cork from the screw
  7. Take the pourer and place into the bottle to help with each serving. If you don’t finish switch it off with the stopper.
  8. Wash the stopper and pourer components in between uses.
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