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Spiralizing vegetables is cool! You can turn any solid cylinder-shaped vegetable into fun noodle like strips. Our new spiralizer is designed to make this task super easy. Let’s show you how it works.

First the components:

  1. The plunger, it has a few cool features; The green handle which has a non-slip grip, the guided path which helps deliver consistent results, and the teeth which grip into the vegetable.
  2. The body, the most important thing to see here is the green locking mechanism. You would use this to lock your plunger into place once you have your veggie loaded.
  3. The blade, this has two sides, and it’s also designed with a flat bottom, meaning no more waste, choose if you want strips or a flat noodle and screw it onto the body.

How to use it:

  1. Choose your blade! Do you want a spaghetti style or flat noodles? Place the blade with the desired shape inward towards the body and attach the blade by locking in spinning clockwise.
  2. Take a vegetable which is less than 2 inches in diameter and cut it down to 4 inch pieces so that they fit into the body with a bit of extra space for the plunger
  3. Make sure the locking mechanism is in the unlocked position and insert the plunger. Press it against the vegetable and lock it in by spinning the green locking ring towards the lock sign.
  4. Start spinning the plunger, you should get an endless noodle as you continue to spin down to the bottom.
  5. Insert your next vegetable piece or disassemble for cleaning, remember that all of the components are dish washer safe.
Don't forget that if anything goes wrong that all Eparé purchases are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.


If your vegetable is getting cut up by the plunger teeth than it may be too ripe, try cutting off a little piece from the top or pushing the plunger in with a bit more pressure.

If you have any issues at all, complete a warranty claim and a member from Eparé support will help you out ASAP. 

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