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Say bye-bye to the bulky Salt and pepper grinders that take up space on your dining table. These Minis are easy to use, light weight to carry, and perfect for any dining occasion.

First the components:

  1. The Cap. This should be used to close your grinder when not in use, it will help keep your spice fresh and also your table clean.
  2. The Jar. This has an adjustable glass jar big enough to fill your favorite spices.
  3. The Grinder. 
  4. The Dial. Turn it right for a fine grind and turn it left for a coarser grind.
  5. The Base. Holds your Salt and Pepper mills in place

 How to use it:

To Load

  1. Hold the Grinder on it’s firm part and twist the Jar counter-clockwise to open.
  2. Add the spice that you want.
  3. Twist the Base back clockwise and you’re done!

To use

  1. Pop the Cap open and you will see a dial. Turn it right for a finer grind and left for a coarser grind.
  2. Turn it upside down so the dial is facing the dish you want to season.
  3. Hold Grinder on its rigid part and spin the Base to grind. That Simple!


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