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The Ultimate Picnic

Spring Ideas | May 26, 2017

Summer has come again and that means pools, beaches, sun, and most importantly - summer food! Al fresco - or, more simply, outdoor dining - has been a summertime staple dating all the way back to the 1600s, and it’s still a wonderful family event. We’re going to walk you through exactly what you’re going to need for the perfect picnic experience: Be it for the whole family, or for a romantic evening!

First off, you need to think about food. Your first reaction is probably to declare “sandwiches,” and while we all love a good turkey with extra cheese on wheat, there are so many more foods that are great for outdoor dining. For example, Fried Chicken! Fried chicken, while delicious hot, takes on an entirely new dimension after a night in the fridge: The breaded texture takes on a delicious stuffing-like texture, and the meat holds an extra “chicken”-y flavor that’s to die for.

Don’t forget your sides, however: Deviled Eggs, Caprese Salad, Potato Salad - You want foods that taste good cold, hold flavor, and are easy to eat wherever you end up. Just make sure you avoid foods that are goopy, messy, or only taste good frozen or hot. You might not end up at a table, and you’re missing the point of going on a picnic if you have a microwave nearby.

On that note, you need to keep your food cold. An insulated picnic basket or cooler is your best bet. Here’s a master hack, though: Instead of hunting for those plastic freezer packs, why not just use an ice cube tray with a locking lid? You can use the ice cubes for your drink, and the locking lid allows you to keep your food properly chilled without worrying about spillage everywhere!

Bottled drinks are nice and all, but if you want to add a bit of class to your picnic - and why wouldn’t you - forego the cans, bottles, and plastic cutlery and instead bring some actual glassware, silverware, and plates! Maybe some wine glasses and some tumblers with lids? You can bring cocktails - or just classier looking soft drinks - with the tumblers without risk of spillage (the number two ruiner of picnics, right after ants) and, thanks to the pocket wine aerator, you can have a romantic evening picnic during these warm summer months with a nice glass of rose. Do you have any picnic plans this summer? Let us know on Twitter or Instagram!

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