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Taking Nachos to the Next Level With our Five Blade Scissors.

Recipe | November 07, 2016

Since yesterday was not only Daylight Savings time but also National Nacho Day we thought with a limited amount of daylight we better work fast! Thankfully we had our five blade scissors.

Our new Five Blade Herb Scissors are extremely easy to use and time saving. Five Blades means five times the speed. However, not only does this mean less time prepping a dish, it also means every piece is uniform taking your overall presentation to the next level.

With every snap of the scissor, the sharp 3” stainless steel blades cut five thin, neat and identical strips.

Cleanup is simple too, just use the backside of the blade cover.  Run the cover in between the blades and all of the leftover pieces are pulled out.  Time to move on to the Cilantro!

If you follow us on social media, then you probably saw that we were featured on Good Morning America last month.  Michael Strahan could not keeps his hands off of these scissors.  They were his favorite product.  Not Surprising, they were our best seller that day.

As Michael Said: “This makes me feel like I’m good in the kitchen.”

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