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Planning a trip to NYC this Summer? Check out this great event!

Event | July 13, 2016

One of our favorite parts of the summer is going to Smorgasburg and eating our weight in French fries. For those of you who don’t know what Smorgasburg is, it’s a food market that comes to various locations in New York City every summer. The primary location is hosted Sundays 11am-6pm on Breeze Hill in Prospect Park, replacing the former Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 location. The food market features over a hundred different food vendors from around the country with their menus including everything from chicken wings to ice pops.

If you want to do Smorgasburg right here are some tips:

  • Get there early! By early we mean as soon as it opens up at 11AM, you wont regret it, this will allow you to try all of the most popular vendors without having to wait 30 minutes. Once you're finished with that you will have time to roam around and try some of the less busy vendors knowing that you did not miss out on any notable mentions.
  • Cash is KING! While some of the vendors do accept Credit Card you will notice that it makes things a little bit more difficult. The preferred medium at Smorgasburg is Cash. 
  • Make sure to not miss some of the most popular vendors: Ramen Burger, Outer Borough- Home of the Scallion Pancake Wrap, Donuts from Dough, and Ice pops from People’s Pops
  • Our Favorite Vendor- Home Frite, home to delicious hand-cut fries with many dipping sauces to choose from. We tried our fluffy and crispy fries with lemon garlic aioli and curry ketchup; so many different flavors that complemented each other perfectly.

Once the warmly welcomed food coma  sets in you'll know that you have had a successful Smorgasburg outing. Take a walk through Prospect Park and perhaps end off your Sunday at the Beautiful Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. 

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