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Make A Romantic Evening With Epare

Event | August 30, 2017

Ah, food: The real language of romance. Oh, sure, you probably thought it was French, but that’s not true. Omelette du Fromage might roll off the tongue and send shivers up your spine, but you know what’s sexier than French? Someone making you a meal with their bare hands!

There’s something intimate about making a meal for someone else. It’s a bonding experience, something intimate and meaningful that says “I love you enough to stop wearing Crocs, no matter how comfortable they may be.” Even though the summer is waning and we’re far away from Valentine's Day, Epare has decided to take it upon ourselves to walk you through three small things you can do to make a romantic night that much more special.

Leave Messages

Imagine coming home and finding a message on your mirror - And no, not in a horror movie way, but in a romantic way and signed by a person you love dearly. One that says “Hey, come out back, I have a surprise for you” or “Put on that red number and meet me on the roof in an hour.” Use the Epare Glass Marker set to leave a message where they least expect it - On the microwave, in the bathroom, on the coffee table, or maybe on their vanity. People have been leaving and sending notes to their loved ones since the dawn of the written word: It makes perfect sense to embrace it!

Serve Some Good Wine or Champagne

Wine is a romantic drink, one that’s associated with class, elegance, sophistication, and love. Perhaps it’s because of its beautiful coloring or strong taste, or perhaps it’s just because it can be costly, but we have a bit of a workaround. Have the person at the liquor store help you pick out a good bottle, and then properly aerate it at home with the Epare Aerator. The Aerator fits in your pocket - perfect for bringing it onto a romantic backyard picnic you’ve set up - and helps bring out all the flavors of your wine.

If you want to make it extra special, maybe try some champagne. The nice, bubbly, fancy taste might go straight to your head but they look even more lovely when served in a proper Champagne Flute.

Make The Meal Memorable

Do you have a dish you associate with him/her? Perhaps the meal you had on your first date? The first dish you ever made together? Maybe, just his/her favorite food? Make that, and make sure you make it right.

Just make sure you keep your partner in mind, first and foremost, and you too can put together the best night the two of you have had in a long time.  Being romantic isn’t hard, it just takes attention to detail.  Put the attention on your partner and you can’t go wrong.

To stock up on the supplies you will need for this romantic evening, in particular the Champagne Flutes, visit our glassware section.

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