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Do Pepper Mills Really Make a Difference?

Tips & Tricks | March 27, 2017

Are you someone who prefers freshly ground peppercorn from a pepper mill rather than pre-ground black pepper powder? We know we do! It certainly helps with presentation during a dinner party, and many will attribute a more flavorful experience to fresh ground pepper.

But is there really a difference? Aside from taste, are there any benefits to freshly milled pepper over the pre ground powder variety? The answer is an unsurprising "yes"!

First let’s consider chemistry:

Ground pepper that commonly comes in a can, is exposed to oxidation. As our high school chemistry teacher would explain: oxidation is simply the combination of oxygen to the chemicals present in the ground pepper.

When you grind peppercorns in your own pepper mill, you expose the sealed un-oxidized center releasing all of the rich flavor and a variety of benefits. This is why freshly cracked pepper tastes so much better than pepper that has already been ground. Oxidation of pre-ground pepper powder is what also gives the item a shelf life and reduces many of the health benefits. Unlike ground pepper, whole peppercorns can be preserved indefinitely when stored in a freezer. When at room temperature, a whole peppercorn retains its beneficial properties much longer than pre-ground pepper, and in greater concentrations.

Now let’s consider your health?

Unbeknownst to many, black pepper comes with a whole host of health benefits.  It turns out black pepper is not only the one table condiment capable of going head to head with Salt in a battle for dinner table condiment supremacy, black pepper is also good for you.

Some of the health benefits tied to black pepper include:

  • Helps to fight infections
  • Beneficial for Alzheimer's and those suffering from dementia
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Assists with the cardiovascular system
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Reduces memory impairments
  • Assists with cognition
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps cure Vitiligo

Finally, let’s consider taste:

Ultimately, the real guiding factor in all food discussions, is TASTE. As we found out earlier in the chemistry section, oxidation plays a big role in the taste of pepper. Another element that contributes to the flavor of freshly milled pepper is the release of naturally occurring oils. The encased peppercorns trap the oils inside whereas pre-ground pepper that has already been exposed to the elements have lost these oils during the grinding and packaging process. This significantly contributes to the flavor of peppercorn.  Don’t believe us?  We recommend you conduct a taste test of your own and report back to us.

Whether you're after the great taste of freshly ground pepper, or the increased benefits obtained from peppercorn, an Epare spice mill will add style and elegance to your meals. Your guests and your body will thank you!

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