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Coffee Hacks - Become an At Home Barista

Tips & Tricks | April 25, 2017

The great actor Jackie Chan once said, “Coffee is a language unto itself.” It’s hard to argue that, with the average American spending about thirty to forty dollars a month - that’s somewhere in the ballpark of four hundred dollars a year - at Starbucks alone.  People love coffee, and people love their fancy coffee drinks. The fancier, the better, it seems: Triple half-shot mocha latte with almond milk and a splash of vanilla, extra foam, no whip, add cinnamon, is one of the least elaborate drink orders overheard at the local coffee shop. Of course, your local Barista, with their green aprons and black sharpies and inability to spell your name, clearly must have some magic skill that takes years to master.

We got a spoiler for you.

They don’t.

You can hack it and do it at home.

That’s right, we know, it’s terribly shocking, but it’s true. You can do all of that yourself. No matter how French or Italian the name is, no matter how intimidating espresso machines look, no matter how elaborate their coffee filtration systems look, with a few simple tools you can learn how to make an amazing coffee drink at home for a fraction of the price.

The Latte Hack
The latte is one of the staples of the fancy coffee house, and for a good reason: It’s like drinking a hug. A hug that will get you through the next three meetings and through your commute, but a hug nonetheless. First off, you need a shot of espresso, which sounds intimidating until you realize pod-based systems are all the rage and your own personal espresso machine can cost about as much as a really nice coffee machine. After that, warm up some milk and use a frother - our personal favorite is the Mint colored one - and if you’re so inclined, add some chocolate to it to create a Mocha Latte. Combine your shot of espresso and warm frothy milk into a larger glass and boom, you have a hacked at home latte!

The Macchiato Hack
Macchiatos are coffee drinks that are, traditionally, a small dollop of steamed, foamed milk in a shot of espresso. Start off with a cup of espresso (or coffee, if you’re so inclined) and warm up about a third cup of milk. Whole milk is traditional, but hey, we’re hacking, you can get around that. After you’ve heated up your milk, take your frother and go to town: Whip up the milk into a frothy lather - the fluffier, the better - and then add it to your drink. Voila, your own hacked Macchiato.

The PSL Hack
Okay, we know, we know: It’s basic. It’s a basic drink for basic people and everyone is so above that. Well, tough, because you know what? It’s delicious. Start by taking your coffee, be it finely roasted and self ground or instant, and combine nutmeg, allspice, and cinnamon into it before brewing. Prepare it, add some whipped warm milk, and enjoy your secret shame any time of the year.

Like anything else, you are going to need a few essentials.  We have you covered there as well with our at home barista starter pack.  Everything here can be prepared easily with the Double Wall Creamer Pitcher, the Double Wall Coffee Mug set, and the Battery Operated Milk Frother. Have your own at home coffee hack? Share it on social and tag #eparehacks for a shout out!

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