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Are you Ready to Start Drinking Whiskey?

| May 06, 2017

Whiskey and Scotch are some of the most mature, regal drinks that you can enjoy. In an effort to help guide you through this ever diluted market, we have selected five of the best Whiskeys (and Scotches - all malts are created equal in our eyes) on the market right now.

Thomas H. Handy Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

This dark amber whiskey comes from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, this American made whiskey is one of the best and affordable Whiskeys on the market right now. Featuring flavors of toffee and fig cake, Thomas H. Handy Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey finishes long and warm, with notes of allspice, coconut, and nutmeg. While it won’t set you back much, only costing about $70, it is a bit harder to find and might have you looking outside of your usual BevMo.

Highland Park 30 Scotch

This rare bottle will set you back a pretty penny, as it’s estimated about $32 a pour. However, with it’s natural dark red-gold coloring and flavors of soft honey and nutty toffee, with a shockingly sweet finish for it’s age, it’s hard not to see why the Highland Park 30 Scotch is considered one of the best to come from the Scottish isles. It’s been aged for over thirty years in an Oak barrel, which is a bit longer than usual for the aging process of Scotch.

Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve Whiskey

This Canadian blended whiskey comes from the Forty Creek Distillery and will only set you back about $65 dollars a bottle. Taking the silver in the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve Whiskey begins it’s life in an American White Oak barrel before finding itself in a Port Wine barrel of European origin. This gives the whiskey it’s full-body and smooth drink, with a fruity oak finish framed by cinnamon, chocolate, tobacco, and smoke.

Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Uncommon but beautiful, just like the beauty of Ireland itself. The Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey comes from the the Old Bushmills Distillery, and features a full and sweet nose of soft spice and orange peel. The palate is a satin-like sensation, with dry and sweet working together to make a single malt whiskey you won’t forget.

Parker’s Heritage Collection 10 Year Old Wheated Bourbon

Created from the Heaven Hill Distilleries, this sweet and long-finishing bourbon gives you flavors of honey, chocolate, caramel, apple, and wheat. With scents of maple syrup, the Parker’s Heritage Collection 10 Year Old Wheated Bourbon took the gold in the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, with LA Whisk(e)y Society giving it a more than respectable A-rating. While you might need to delve into the worlds of more local liquor stores to find it, this $80 bourbon is sure to be a favorite.

Presentation is Everything

Shop Glassware

With any of these suggestions, you will need the proper glass.

When drinking “straight up” or “On the Rocks”,  Whiskeys are poured into what is traditionally referred to as an old fashioned or “rocks” glass.  You probably know it as a whiskey glass.

This is assuming you are not simply taking shots or preparing a mixed drink like a Mint Julep or a Whiskey sour.  For the mixed drinks you will want to go with a highball glass.

On the Rocks (Literally)

Whiskey on its own is typically served:

- “neat” meaning straight whiskey, no ice cubes, no water.


- “On the Rocks” - traditionally referring to the addition of a few ice cubes to chill.

If you want to go “on the rocks” without the worry of watering down the rich and expressive flavors of your whiskey as the ice melts, we have a solution:

Set these 100% non-porous stones in the freezer and when ready add to your favorite whiskey.

Shop Whiskey Stones

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