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An Eparé Thanksgiving Recap

| November 29, 2016

Another Thanksgiving is in the books, and it was awesome!

We hosted a dinner of 20 people this year. Our international food fare was well received.  If you recall our menu, we started off with some Spanish inspired Tapas, and some Sangria.  To be honest, we sipped on sangria throughout the first couple courses and into the main dish. The seafood paella was definitely the favorite from our Spanish side of the menu.  Then we moved into the American side of our menu where the duck and andouille gumbo was a crowd favorite.  With two courses down it was time to present the main dish.  I had been working on this all day and it was finally ready…The Turducken!  A chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey.  The three different bird meats complement each other so well.  It truly is a delicacy.

Everyone was “stuffed” after the Turducken, so we rested for a minute before we brewed up some coffee and served up the Crack Pie.  While the name doesn’t lend itself to an accurate depiction of this pie’s tastiness, you should know it’s more geared around its addictiveness.

It was a great Thanksgiving, and I enjoyed nothing more than hosting friends and family, along with some adventurous new culinary achievements.

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