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A Halloween Party to Die For

Recipe | October 28, 2017

Hello spooky skeletons! The moon of Halloween night will soon be upon us, and we know you bats like to celebrate in style, so we are here to help you make sure that your Halloween cocktail party is a hit among all your favorite ghosts and ghouls!

Hot Dog Mummies

A fun bite-sized treat to have at your spooky celebration are hot dog mummies! All you have to do is cut hot dogs into thirds, and wrap thin strips of crescent roll dough around it them. Cover the bottom half of the dogs and then do the same to the top fourth, leaving a gap closer to the top end. Bake the dogs according to the crescent roll directions, and take them out to let them cool. Once cooled, put two mustard dots below the top bit to look like yellow glowing eyes. Super yummy and very impressive!

Spooky Ice

This little trick can make any drink into something festive. Use our extra large ice tray so the ice doesn’t melt as quickly. Place some plastic eyeballs, fake fingers, and spiders into the water before frozen, and pop them in the freezer. Wait until frozen, and take them out and serve with any drink!  It’s the easiest way to make any drink Halloween festive. As a side note, we recommend washing any plastic items you buy with dish soap and warm water before incorporating them into things that will be consumed.

Dry Ice Punch

Dry ice can add a lot of fun to an ordinary drink. This recipe is very easy to make, even for a large group of people. Add one part hawaiian punch or cranberry juice cocktail, one part ginger ale, and if you’re feeling festive, add in some raspberry or strawberry sherbert or sorbet. Feel free to spike the punch with whatever you like! Add the dry ice into the bowl, and your cauldron will start to bubble, fizz, and smoke in no time! Keep in mind, dry ice can burn if someone touches it for too long, so do not give to children. Just to be safe, make sure the dry ice is in small pieces and add more as they disappear. Add in a ladle, fill up your glasses, and get to celebrating!

Monster Jaws

In case you have vegans at the party, or if you have some people who are just trying to be healthier, these treats will be perfect! Quarter apples, and then make a wedge in the center of the skin of the apple. Then, dunk them in a mixture of water and lemon juice in order to prevent the inside from browning. Then, push in some almond slivers into the cut center. Glue two M&Ms to the top of the apple with peanut butter to finish off the face. And there you have it! Some spooky monsters bearing their teeth right at you! Make sure to eat them before they eat you.

And there you have it! With these tips, some spooky decor, even spookier costumes, and good company, you can have the Halloween party of the year! Don’t be surprised if all your friends nag you next year about having another! Make sure to check out Epare’s glassware products to make sure that your drinks are served in style, and be sure to check us out on Instagram.

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