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A Basic Guide to Adulting

Tips & Tricks | June 16, 2017

So, you’ve completed college, you got a job, and you are no longer living in a dorm room or with your parents. You have checked off all the proper boxes to consider yourself an adult. Good for you! You’re on the path to not being that friend who needs to bum twenty dollars for drinks when you’re out on a Friday night. Of course, there are a few more steps to proper adulting, and Eparé is here to help you out.

Mark Your Stuff

Okay, so, you know when your milk expires, but when exactly did you bring home that Chinese take out? Is that your mug of coffee at the office, or is it the property of Jan from accounting? Did you put your wine glass down at your housewarming party and now can’t tell who it belongs to? Avoid confusion - and food poisoning - and invest in some wine glass markers. Not only are they safe for your glasses and most other surfaces, they come in a variety of colors so you can continue to decorate appropriately.

Know Your Limits

Okay, you’re starting to realize staying up all night playing Call of Duty isn’t as easy as it was when you were 20. You’re also realizing that six cups of coffee isn’t doing you any favors in regards to your mental or physical well being. Trying to find balance and knowing your limits is an important part of adulthood, and limiting caffeine intake is a great place to start with that. To make it easier, try nursing a cup of coffee for a while instead of just downing it. Maybe use a USB mug warmer to keep your ONE CUP A DAY warm and at arm’s reach.

Learn to Cook

A man can not survive on pizza and frozen meals alone. Go to the grocery store and buy some basic foods, and learn to cook pasta or other staple dishes that don’t cost too much and actually have some nutritional value to them. If you’re a little more advanced, hit up the bookstore or your Kindle and use a small and stylish bookstand to learn to cook more than just pasta or rice. Maybe try stir frying something?  You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to follow a recipe.

Make Sure To Have Fun

You might be growing up and you might be on your way to proper adulthood, but make sure you still have some fun in your life. Schedule time where you don’t need to schedule something, take some poorly calculated risks, find time to adventure around your responsibilities.

For more ways to live a healthy and fruitful life - or just have some fun stuff in the kitchen - make sure you check out the Lifestyle section of our website. We’re adding new stuff all the time!

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