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Eparé in Argentina

Event | May 12, 2016

We were recently invited to Buenos Aires for meetings with major distributors and retailers so we took our host up on this opportunity. In the past decade Argentina has had issues with their government and due to a change in regime the country has recently been opened to importers- this was an opportunity for us to share our wonderful products with a population that has not seen anything similar. In addition to the scheduled meetings we took the time to explore and learn more about the Argentine culture.

Tango Show and Group Lesson in Almargo

One of the things that we automatically noticed was the Italian influence, through cuisine, culture, and architecture. It was interesting to see the Latino culture that we are most exposed to having an Italian twist. For anybody planning on traveling to Buenos Aires for the first time some things that we recommend would be the Tango shows of Almagro, the waterways of Puerto Madero, the nightlife of Palermo, the colorful street of El Caminito, and of course the overabundance of Malbec and Argentine Steak.

An Eye of Round (Ribeye) steak from the Iconic steakhouse La Cabrera

There are of course many areas of Argentina that we did not get to explore during our limited time there. We hope that Eparé products will soon stock the shelves of Jumbo, Carrefour, and Falabella prompting more visits to the beautiful country of Argentina.

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