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5 Seasoning Tips to Bring Out the Flavor

Tips & Tricks | May 21, 2019

It’s amazing how adding salt and pepper can easily enhance the taste of your dish. But it is not as simple as it sounds!

Sometimes the dish is too salty or too bland and you don’t know where it went wrong.

We have all been there, so here are 5 seasoning tips that will surely help you bring out the flavor!

  1. A Dash of Acid

When reaching for your salt grinder to add flavor to your soup, sauce, or stews, add a dash (⅛ teaspoons) of lemon juice or vinegar to “brighten” the other flavors.

  1. Season More for Chilled Meat

Chilling the meat dulls its flavor. So to compensate we have to season the meat generously, BUT to avoid going overboard, season normally before cooking and then add more salt and pepper (if needed) before serving.

  1. Add Pepper Before or After?

If you want a bold pepper flavor, keep it away from the heat to preserve its flavor. Season the meat after it has been seared. For a more tame pepper flavor, season the meat before cooking.

  1. Cook the Herbs Right

Add hearty herbs like Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage and Marjoram early in the cooking process to release maximum flavor. While delicate herbs like parsley, cilantro, tarragon, basil, and chives can be added last minute so they won’t lose their flavor and bright colors.

  1. Adjust the Flavor

Always remember to taste your food while cooking to see if you’re getting the flavors you want.

  • If your food is too Salty - add an acid, like lemon/lime juice or vinegar. Or sweetener, like sugar, honey, or canned unsalted tomatoes.
  • If your food is too sweet - add an acid, like lemon/lime juice or vinegar. For sweet dishes, a bit of liqueur or espresso powder.
  • If your food is too spicy or acidic - add a fat, like butter, cream, sour cream, cheese, or olive oil. Or sweetener, like sugar, honey, maple syrup.

Seasoning isn’t about altering the taste of your food, it’s about enhancing the flavor and aroma for everybody to simply enjoy. It also doesn’t have to be stressful.

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