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5 Fun Facts About Amazon Prime Day

Tips & Tricks | July 14, 2017

Were you among the millions who participated in Amazon Prime Day?  Did you score any Epare deals?  Along with other retailers we saw great activity from our fans on Prime Day.  We sold out of a couple items well before the time had expired, including our famous battery operated mills!  

In honor of Amazon’s Prime Day success we thought we would share some fun facts with you:

1. Billions of dollars are lost in worker productivity.

As CNBC reported, an estimated 10 billion dollars in productivity goes to waste on Prime Day, as employees spend their day clamored around their computers waiting for the next deals to go up. A whopping 78 percent of members said they'd consider deals on Prime Day while at work, according to data from Fluent, a marketing company.

2. In comparison to last year, Prime day sales grew by over 60%.

According to the investment website The Motley Fool, Amazon sales soared one again; 60% over sales from Prime Day 2016. As crazy as that sounds, people in the know feel like this is nowhere close to peaking.  This means, we have a lot more Prime days in our future. Hooray for Amazon!

3. Prime Day doesn’t even matter to Amazon.

While Prime Day brings in a crazy amount of money, did you know that they bring in 50% of that on any given day?  As Max Nisen of Bloomberg reported, while Amazon clocked a cool Billion Dollars in sales on Prime day, average daily sales in Q3 hovered around $.44 B.

4. Amazon is 20 years old!

It seems like just yesterday, we all heard of this new website where we could buy our college textbooks at a discounted price doesn’t it.  Well believe it or not, that was 20 years ago.  I know, we feel old too!  According to Tech Crunch, Amazon used this years Prime Day to mark their 20 year anniversary.  Here’s to 20 more Amazon!

5. Prime Day is actually Prime Week. - There’s still time!

Yes that’s right, although you technically missed Prime Day, Amazon is going to continue to pump deals for the rest of the week.  And so are we!  Did you miss out on Epare’s Prime Day Deals?  If you did, we are going to extend all of our Prime Day deals and offer you 30%  off everything on our site for the next 3 days.  Just use Promo Code PRIMEWEEK. Promo is valid thru midnight 7/16/17.

Go Shopping!

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