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Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator

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An innovative patented wine aeration tool that will fit in your pocket. With 3 presets for white, red and port, it's no science project. Simply select your preset and push the start button. Decanters can require hours to achieve effective aeration - and they can't be programmed for specific wines. Spout aerators are messy. The Pocket Wine Aerator rapidly infuses your glass with tiny bubbles and the oxygen wakes up the wine, bringing out a fuller boquet, flavor and finish in just seconds.

  • The Pocket Wine Aerator folds down to a compact 6-inch tool that fits in your pocket or purse. Take it anywhere, or tuck it away in a kitchen drawer.
  • A patented wine aeration tool that sets the standard. It brings out the best value in everyday wine, so you're getting a tasty premium on every purchase.
  • It's easy to use. Simply select a preset and push the start button. Your wine will be optimally aerated - depending on type - in less than a minute.
  • You'll be the James Bond of wine aficianados with this amazing push button aerator. And it's a great conversation starter that will gather a crowd.
  • You will receive one (1) Pocket Wine Aerator measuring 6 inches long, 1 inch tall and 1.25 inches wide - weighs just 3 ounces. Backed by Epare Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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    Few stocks left

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 78 reviews
    Definitely makes my wine taste better

    Small and compact, fits in my bag easy. Easy to use and makes my cheap wine taste better!


    adds air to wine as though its been breathing for hours. would highly recommend

    Compact and easy to use.

    Compact and easy to use

    Limited uses before it quits.

    It works great about 5 times. Then you have to manipulate it till it finally stops working completely

    Honest Feedback from the Salt Wife
    Very cool gift for the wino on the go!

    I gifted this to my husband who loves wine. I thought he'd especially love it for when we camp and partake in the sumptuous assortment of boxed wine.We, of course, had to test it out immediately. We decided to try our experiment on a Winking Owl Shiraz and Merlot, both drinkable cheap red table wines from Aldi. Not great, but when decanted and put through a Vinturi aerator, it's pretty decent for $3 a bottle.W.O. MERLOT TEST:"Control" or zero pulses on Epare Wine Aerator: Pretty grapey and not great. I can't imagine not aerating this after getting used to it now.30 second "Red Wine" button on Epare Wine Aerator: This is quite a bit more palatable. Lighter and more open.45 second "Port Wine" button on Epare Wine Aerator: This tastes like a different bottle of wine. It is really good. It doesn't quite taste like a merlot anymore, but it's really good. Light, almost a little fruit coming forward now. Even the bouquet changed. I think I would use this setting regularly on this wine personally. This is great. Wow.W.O. SHIRAZ TEST:"Control" or zero pulses on Epare Wine Aerator: It's decent. It tastes like a house red you would get at a fast casual place. Not bad. Not good. Slighty spicy.30 second "Red Wine" button on Epare Wine Aerator: Small change, but I actually think it may have lost some of the spice of the shiraz I liked before. I wish I would have started with the "White Wine" button.45 second "Port Wine" button on Epare Wine Aerator: Like the merlot, this changed a lot, but I don't like the effects as much on the shiraz. The spicy roughness of the shiraz has kind of disappeared. Now this just tastes like a common red blend that falls a little flat.CONCLUSION:I would definitely recommend this product. It definitely enhances the flavor of wine. I think based on your particular tastes, you can finesse it aerate you wine the way you like. It's really easy to use. The only thing that's a little different than in the photos is you have to hold it up in your glass for most wine goblets (no big deal.) Buy it.